Illinois Energy Now is an energy efficiency program administered by the State of Illinois that provides millions of dollars in rebates to public facilities that make equipment improvements to their electric and natural gas systems. More than $70 million is available annually to help fund these projects. Summary of illinois Energy Now Program successes
STANDARD AND CUSTOM PROGRAM Limited Time Offer - 15% GreenSpring Bonus for Standard and Custom Rebate Applications submitted to the Department and received January 30, 2017, or after: For New Applications received January 30, 2017, or after, a 15% Bonus will be applied, with a Bonus Cap of $50,000. GreenSpring Bonuses will be applied as funds are available. Projects in the following utility areas only are eligible for this bonus: •Ameren Electric •Nicor Gas •Peoples Gas •North Shore Gas This is for Standard and Custom applications submitted to the Department. The following types of projects are excluded from this GreenSpring bonus offer: LED Street Lights, HINGE, Key Accounts, New Construction, Aggregation. Final applications are still due before May 8.

    • IL ENERGY NOW Communications (2/6/17)

      As a result of recent legislation, after January 1, 2018, the Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity will no longer administer Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard Funds (EEPS), which support Illinois Energy Now Programs for the public sector, low income customers, and market transformation.  After that time, each electric and gas utility will be responsible for offering their own public sector, low income, and market transformation programs in their service territories. 

      Please note, there are still several months left in this EEPS program year, and the Department has a significant amount of funding left in most utility territories.  We strongly encourage you to apply now for incentives for any projects that can be completed on or before May 31, 2017

      As for the future, there are still many issues that need to be resolved, such as what the future utility programs will look like and how applications for projects that will be completed after June 1, 2017 will be handled.  We assure you that the Department takes these issues seriously and is working diligently with the utilities to ensure as smooth a transition as possible for our customers.  For now, please continue to submit your applications to us, and we will provide further information as soon as it is available. 

      For those large electric accounts where the utility classifies your organization’s account as over 10MW, beginning 6/1/17, you will be excluded from the Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard requirements and programs  – you will no longer have to pay into the fund, and as a result will no longer be able to participate in the Department or utility energy efficiency programs.

    • 2016-17 Public Sector Energy Efficiency Standard and Custom Guidelines and Application. Click on Quick Link Application Forms for Illinois Energy Now Incentives.
    • 2016-17 Clean Water Energy Efficiency Initiative Application which provides an enhanced incentive to waste water treatment plants for High Speed Turbo Aeration Blowers. 

The Trade Ally Program benefits both contractors and public sector clients by establishing partnerships that result in both increased energy efficiency and reduced operating costs. Trade Allies include mechanical and lighting contractors, engineers, architects, energy service companies, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. The DCEO Trade Allies are experts in providing customized energy efficient solutions to clients in the public sector. Their understanding of the rules, regulations, and application process of the DCEO programs plays a key role in helping clients to navigate the system and ensure maximum incentives.

The DCEO Trade Ally Program is designed exclusively for industry professionals working with public sector clients, unlike other trade ally programs through public utilities.

Learn more about the Trade Ally Program Here

The The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA), is a membership organization of state and local governments, energy utilities, research institutes, manufacturers, energy service providers, and advocacy organizations working to advance energy efficiency in the thirteen Midwestern states. Founded in 2000, the nonprofit organization has worked collaboratively with all stakeholders to support programs, policies, education and training initiatives, and emerging technologies that have produced significant energy efficiency investment, energy and cost savings, economic growth, and enhanced environmental preservation across the region.

Today, MEEA is the largest and most diverse membership organization of its kind in the region and a partner to US DOE, US EPA, and to other federal and state agencies in their efforts to accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient programs, products, and practices across all sectors of the Midwestern economy. MEEA has also become the single best source of information and resources on energy efficiency in the region, and its Midwest Energy Solutions Conference has become the professional and business development networking event of the year for public and private entities alike.

Please join us in advancing energy efficiency in the Midwest!

If you have questions about how energy efficiency can help your public sector operation, please contact us on our secure web form; via e-mail at; or by telephone at 800.214.7954.