Architects, engineers, and building owners and operators make multiple decisions regarding the design of a new building or retrofit of an existing building that critically impact construction cost as well as life cycle energy and maintenance costs. These design decisions can significantly influence the building's performance. Analysis of construction documents or schematic design during the early stages of design will lead to informed decisions. Better decisions result in the design, construction, and operation of a more energy efficient building. SEDAC can provide this assistance to you whether you are a public facility operator, contractor, architect, or engineer.

Design assistance is available for all projects greater than 15,000 square feet.

NOTE: If your project is private sector in the ComEd territory and greater than 20,000 square feet, please see ComEd's New Construction program

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How can SEDAC help?

  • Provide target data for maximum energy efficiency (such as R-values and equipment efficiencies)
  • Meet with the design team to discuss energy strategies
  • Review and critique design drawings for optimizing energy efficiency
  • Analyze energy consumption with alternative design features through computer modeling
  • Review construction documents and specifications
  • Provide information on the most appropriate incentives and grants available for the project

Why do it right the first time?

  • A building that is designed with energy efficiency in mind will be cheaper to operate in the long term
  • Energy efficient buildings tend to be healthier and more comfortable
  • Well-designed and efficient buildings offer marketing potential for owners and designers
  • Energy efficiency standards are now requirements for many building types and in many regions
  • Building owners can take advantage of possible incentives and grants
  • It’s the right thing to do
New Construction tips

SEDAC's Energy Smart Tips for New Construction

Get tips on energy and cost saving measures for new construction.

If these design assistant services do not apply to you, refer to New Construction Incentive Program to determine if eligible. 

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