SEDAC staffThe Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) is an applied research program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, housed in the Department of Landscape Architecture. SEDAC is a public-private partnership that operates in collaboration with the 360 Energy Group along with utilities. SEDAC provides advice and analysis to facilities to achieve energy efficiency savings and reduce the Illinois energy footprint. 

For a brief summary of what SEDAC does, see SEDAC at a glance.

For a brief summary of SEDAC's experience and impact, see SEDAC's Public Engagement Mission.

Program Goals

  1. Reduce the cost of doing business for Illinois entities through energy efficiency design assistance projects.  By expanding consumer awareness of energy efficient design alternatives and retrofit options, we transform markets to make these choices more viable.
  2. Demonstrate the cost effectiveness of energy efficiency strategies as a response to higher energy prices.
  3. Support job creation and retention in Illinois by reducing operating costs and providing a variety of opportunities (for architects, engineers and other building professionals) to learn and practice innovative, efficient building design and construction techniques. Jobs study.
  4. Support electric and natural gas reliability in the state by promoting energy efficient building practices that release system capacity.
  5. Reduce pollution by minimizing wasted energy and demonstrate that reducing environmental impact yields improved economic viability.