University of Illinois building

The Department of Energy developed COMcheck and REScheck to improve consistency in code compliance. These free, easy-to-use tools help verify compliance and provide:

  • a quick review for code officials and inspectors
  • easy compliance check for builders and designers
  • calculations and trade offs to help determine compliance

COMcheck and REScheck were originally developed by PNNL for DOE in 1997 and have been continually updated since.

COMcheck and REScheck present an alternative "trade off" compliance path option. They combine mandatory and prescriptive provisions with envelope trade offs. The software helps clarify trade offs and prescriptive requirements and aids in interpretation of the code by calculating fan power, lighting power, and envelope minimum requirements based on building/space type and climate zone.

COMcheck and REScheck cannot be used to:

  • check total building performance compliance
  • calculate trade offs between separate sections (lighting, HVAC)
  • avoid mandatory requirements--all compliance paths must meet mandatory requirements

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