If you are considering the adoption of electric outdoor tools to replace gas-powered equipment, consider the following benefits offered:

  • Electric tools are quieter and do not produce fumes, improving user health and comfort.
  • Electric tools use fewer parts, making them easier to use and repair.
  • Electric tools cost less to replenish, due to battery charging in lieu of regular gasoline/diesel refueling.
  • And more! 

We’ve developed cost and emissions comparisons for different types of groundskeeping equipment to help you decide if electric tools are right for you. We’ve also included resources to properly, locally recycle batteries from groundskeeping equipment and support climate-friendly sustainability efforts!

Join us at an upcoming Electric Mower and Tool Field Day to see electric outdoor equipment in action!

Battery Recycling

Batteries from groundskeeping equipment should be recycled to recover the chemicals for reuse and to keep toxic materials out of the waste stream.

Battery recycling options vary, depending on where you are.  Some local governments have battery recycling programs.  In addition, some stores, battery shops and repair shops accept batteries for recycling.

Find information about recycling options at your location:

IEPA Beyond the Bin

Earth 911