Courthouse Retro-commissioning

Rolling Meadows District Courthouse

High energy costs, inefficient cooling and heating, and less than optimal lighting are a few concerns that motivated Rolling Meadows 3rd District Courthouse to contact the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC), a step that initiated a successful retro-commissioning project and led to annual energy savings of more than $40,000.

Rolling Meadows 3rd District Courthouse was built in 1987. The Courthouse is a large building, encompassing almost 328,000 square feet.  With an HVAC system that was not operating optimally and an ineffective lighting system, the Courthouse was an ideal candidate for retro-commissioning. 

Retro-commissioning (RCx) is a process of fine tuning a building’s existing systems to better meet its current uses. SEDAC worked with Courthouse staff to identify low-cost measures that would significantly reduce energy consumption. In addition, SEDAC provided guidance throughout the process of implementing the measures. Sieben Energy Associates, an approved SEDAC retro-commissioning provider, performed the analysis.

The Rolling Meadows Courthouse implemented five low-cost energy saving measures that were identified in the report:

  • De-lamping light fixtures
  • Installing radiant heat control timers to the parking garage
  • Modifying exhaust fan schedule
  • Adjusting air handling unit schedule
  • Incorporating static pressure control of variable frequency drives.