Elementary Schools

Kenwood Elementary School

Kenwood and Bottenfield Elementary Schools in Champaign, IL have undergone significant improvements to reduce building operating costs as well as to improve the learning environment. Increasing comfort for the building occupants was a high priority for the District. The addition of cooling technologies to relieve the impact of summer heat means the buildings can now offer services year round. 

Champaign Unit 4 engaged the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) to review both Kenwood (in 2010) and Bottenfield (in 2009) as part of their facilities evaluation process.  SEDAC’s focus on energy efficiency directly addresses the facilities goal stated within the District’s strategic plan: “Revitalize, build, and maintain facilities that are safe, sustainable and allow equitable access to programming across the district.”

SEDAC recommended that the schools take the following three measures to reduce energy costs, with a projected annual energy savings of $16,933: 

  • air seal the building envelope,
  • replace existing hot water boilers with condensing boilers, and
  • replace T12 flourescent lamps and magnetic ballasts with T8 lamps and electronic ballasts.