The Field Museum

Field Museum

The Field Museum is a distinctive landmark along Chicago’s lakefront museum campus. The Field Museum’s facilities and holdings rank it as one of the premier natural history museums in the world. The Field Museum offers exhibit areas for visitors as well as lab areas where curatorial and scientific staff conduct research. Much of the actual square footage is dedicated to storage and preservation.

Even though the Field Museum has an impressive history of energy conservation, the energy required to service  over 1 million square feet of building space is quite significant.

The Field Museum asked SEDAC to perform an in-depth analysis of energy usage in 2013.   SEDAC recommended implementation of 15 energy saving measures including steam system upgrades, ventilation system modifications, lighting retrofits, scheduling adjustments, and power management. The Field Museum has already implemented several of these recommendations, leading to an estimated cost savings of $114,000 annually. They plan to implement other recommendations in the future.

J.W. Croft, Executive Vice President of the Field Museum writes of his experience: "SEDAC has been a vital resource in helping us identify ways to save energy and reduce our utility costs, as well as effectively plan our five and twenty year capital improvement work plan."