Harper College Retro-commissioning

Harper College

Harper College is a community college located about 25 miles northwest of Chicago in Palatine, IL. This comprehensive community college has served the area with a variety of educational opportunities and initiatives since 1967. The Harper campus consists of several buildings spread across almost 200 acres.

In 2013, Harper College participated in the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity building retro-commissioning (RCx) program offered through SEDAC. Retro-commissioning is a process that seeks to improve how building equipment and systems operate. SEDAC provided guidance and analysis for three buildings.
At SEDAC's recommendation, Harper College implemented a number of energy savings measures, including reducing supply air volume, increasing cooling setpoints, resetting chilled water temperatures, and de-lamping lighting fixtures. These measures resulted in a projected annual savings of $87,200, a 13% reduction in energy costs.