Pool Dehumidification


The Village of Niles was interested in reducing energy bills to lower yearly operational costs at their Family Fitness Center. The Niles Family Fitness Center achieved energy efficiency savings by taking advantage of two Illinois DCEO Illinois Energy Now services: a no-cost energy assessment and Public Sector Energy Efficiency Incentives.

Niles Family Fitness Center staff reached out to the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) for help in lowering its energy costs.  SEDAC performed an energy assessment for the Family Fitness Center in 2008. One finding revealed that the pool dehumidification system ejected heat energy—a product of the dehumidification process—to the outdoors through an air-cooled condenser. 

SEDAC recommended augmenting the dehumidification system with heat recovery capability. The heat recovery add-on enables heat energy pulled from the air during dehumidification to transfer into the pool (heating the water) or into the space (heating the surrounding air). This transfer of heat energy into the pool or the ambient space doubles the efficiency of the dehumidifying process!

SEDAC’s appraisal of the air conditioning unit supplying the pool area indicated the equipment was substantially inefficient. Family Fitness Center staff applied for DCEO incentive funds to subsidize their investment in equipment with energy-saving features.