Wastewater Treatment Plant image

Recently, the Caseyville Township Water Reclamation Facility received a free facility assessment from Illinois EPA's Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Assessment Program. The Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) conducted the assessment in July 2019, and identified ways to reduce electricity use. Recommendations included LED lighting upgrades and variable frequency drives on blower motors. The plant took advantage of Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program incentives to help fund the upgrades. The LED lighting upgrades alone are saving the facility close to $400 a month.

"I was really really surprised to learn about the Ameren Illinois incentives. It's a deal you can't pass up," says Randy LePere, Sewer System Manager at the plant. "The Illinois EPA evaluation and the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program is a win-win for anybody wanting to save and get ahead."


Read the case study, published by Ameren Illinois, here.