Presentation imageSEDAC provides education and outreach to diverse audiences through workshops, presentations, and webinars.  Below is a sample of the 500+ workshops and events SEDAC has provided throughout the state. Topics include energy code basics, energy efficiency programs and incentives, financing energy efficiency, and more.



Updates on New Illinois Energy Code (2018 IECC & ASHRAE 90.1-2016): Lighting and Electrical PDF Ryan Siegel and Sumi Han 25-Jan-19
2018 IECC Updates from 2012 & Building Codes PDF Ryan Siegel and Sumi Han 23-Jan-19
2018 IECC Commercial Envelope & IBC--Webinar


Ryan Siegel and Robert Nemeth 16-Jan-19
2018 IECC Updates--Workshop PDF Ryan Siegel and Sumi Han 7-Dec-18
2018 IECC Lighting--Workshop PDF Ryan Siegel and Sumi Han 6-Dec-18
2018 IECC Residential Provisions with Corresponding IRC Sections--Webinar PDF Ryan Siegel and Robert Nemeth, SEDAC 14-Nov-18
Energy Code Basics & 2018 IECC Updates--Workshop PDF Ryan Siegel and Sumi Han, SEDAC 7-Nov-18
2018 International Energy Conservation Code Updates--Workshop PDF Ryan Siegel and Sumi Han, SEDAC 25-Oct-18
2018 International Energy Conservation Code Electrical & Lighting Systems--Workshop PDF Ryan Siegel and Sumi Han, SEDAC 11-Oct-18
2018 International Energy Conservation Code Updates--Workshop


Ryan Siegel and Sumi Han, SEDAC 9-May-18
2018 International Energy Conservation Code Updates--Webinar


Ryan Siegel and Sumi Han, SEDAC 4-Apr-18
2018 International Energy Conservation Code Updates--Workshop PDF
Ryan Siegel and Sumi Han, SEDAC 4-Feb-18
Breaking down Barriers to Energy Efficiency PDF

Sam Bluemer, Will County
Cassie Carroll, SEDAC


Public Sector Energy Efficiency Programs: ComEd, Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas, North Shore Gas

PDF Cassie Carroll, SEDAC 27-Sep-17

Breaking down Barriers to Energy Efficiency

PDF Tim Gibson, John A. Logan College 20-Sep-17

Ameren Illinois Public Sector Energy Efficiency Programs

PDF Michelle Hibbard, Ameren Illinois 20-Sep-17

Financing Energy Efficiency

PDF Tim Lindsey, SEDAC 20-Sep-17


PDF Audrie Washington, EPA 


Investing in Building Energy Savings Video Robert Nemeth and Todd Rusk 16-Feb-17
Natural Gas Efficiency Promotional Opportunities PDF Deirdre Coughlin, DCEO
Brian Katamay, ERC
Park Districts Energy Walk Through PDF | Video Andy Robinson 13-Jan-17
Libraries Energy Walk Through  PDFVideo Andy Robinson 16-Dec-16
Energy Efficiency Incentives for State Facilities PDF

Jordan Berman-Cutler and Andrea Reiff, DCEO
Andy Robinson, SEDAC
Rose Jordan, MEEA

New Construction Going Beyond Code PDF | Video Sumi Han 9-Dec-16

Reduce Your Energy Footprint: 

1. Find ways to save energy in your buildings - SEDAC

PDF Andy Robinson 8-Dec-16
2. The Greenest Region Compact 2 - MMC PDF Edith Makra, MMC 8-Dec-16
3. EPA Voluntary Programs - EPA Region 5 PDF Audrie Washington,
Cary McElhinney, Andrew Meindl,  US EPA Region 5
Schools Energy Walk Through   PDF |  Video   2-Dec-16
School Energy Efficiency PDF | Video Andy Robinson and Robert Nemeth 9-Nov-16
Paying for Energy Efficiency with Financing PDF Todd Rusk 25-Oct-16
New Construction PDF Andy Robinson 3-Oct-16
Technical and Application Assistance PDF Andy Robinson 3-Oct-16

Energy Assessments

PDF Andy Robinson 3-Oct-16
Training and Education PDF Andy Robinson 3-Oct-16
Success Stories Panel Discussion PDF Andy Robinson 3-Oct-16
High Performance Design Strategies PDF Jean Ascoli 20-Nov-14
Energy Overview PDF Zachary Klass 20-Nov-14
Building Retro-Commissioning PDF Greg Swiss 12-Nov-14
Existing Building Upgrades PDF Shawn Maurer 7-Nov-14
Beyond Operations and Maintenance PDF Shawn Maurer 7-Nov-14
Funding and Assistance PDF Greg Swiss 23-Oct-14
Energy Strategies that Work PDF Jean Ascoli 12-Mar-14
Designing Beyond Code for Energy Efficiency PDF Jean Ascoli 12-Mar-14
RCx and Building Dashboards PDF Ben Sliwinski 5-Mar-14
How to Sell it: Communicating Energy Efficiency Effectively PDF Jean Ascoli 14-Oct-13
How to Get it Done: New Construction Incentives PDF Greg Swiss 14-Oct-13
Savings through Creative Energy Management PDF SEDAC 10-Oct-13
Energy Assessments: A Cost Savings Solution PDF Andy Robinson 2-Oct-13
The Demand Side of Smart Automation PDF Brian Deal 25-Sep-13
Retro-commissioning PDF Ben Sliwinski 2-Nov-12
Building Upgrades PDF Jean Ascoli 2-Nov-12
Not Just Maintaining PDF Scott Jasinski 2-Nov-12
Energy in Buildings: Understanding the impacts on consumption PDF Steve Wallon 30-Oct-12
How to select, prioritize, and justify economically viable energy projects PDF Eileen Westervelt 30-Oct-12
Incentives and Financing PDF Greg Swiss 30-Oct-12
Energy Importance PDF Emmy Riley 30-Oct-12
Energy Strategies that Work: Case Studies PDF Emmy Riley and Jean Ascoli 11-Oct-12
Energy Strategies that Work PDF Emmy Riley 11-Oct-12
Growing Greener PDF Steve Wallon 23-Apr-12
Strategies for Building Energy Efficiency PDF Ben Sliwinski 26-Apr-12
Benchmarking your Building PDF Ben Sliwinski 26-Apr-12
Building Energy Efficiency--Case Studies PDF Ben Sliwinski 26-Apr-12
Retro-commissioning PDF Don Fournier 12-Mar-12
New Construction PDF Kristine Chalifoux 12-Mar-12
Reaching your Energy Potential PDF Jean Ascoli 12-Mar-12
Existing Buildings PDF Emmy Riley 8-Mar-12
Financing Efficiency PDF Greg Swiss 21-Nov-11
Saving Energy on a Tight Budget PDF Jean Ascoli 21-Nov-11
Low Cost Home Energy Improvements: Getting the Info PDF Andy Robinson 19-Sep-11
How Energy Efficiency Part 2 PDF Don Fournier 19-Sep-11
Building Energy Efficiency and LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credits PDF Jean Ascoli 13-Sep-11
Energy Trends and Impacts in Illinois PDF Don Fournier 15-Apr-11
Energy Efficiency: Improving the Bottom Line PDF Don Fournier 6-Apr-11
The Challenge of Energy Efficiency PDF Eileen Westervelt 15-Mar-11
Energy Smart Municipal Buildings PDF Scott Jasinski 15-Mar-11
Energy Efficiency Practices for Low-Income Populations PDF Don Fournier 8-Mar-11
Energy Smart Schools PDF Scott Jasinski 3-Mar-11
The Challenge of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability PDF Don Fournier 24-Feb-11
Grid Integration PDF   21-Feb-11
Improving Indoor Environmental Quality with LEED PDF Jean Ascoli 24-Jan-11
Energy Efficiency Opportunities PDF Andy Robinson 17-Dec-10
The Greenest Little Schools in the Midwest PDF Andy Robinson 8-Nov-10
Case Study: Normal Children's Discovery Museum PDF SEDAC 5-Nov-10
Energy at the Crossroads PDF Don Fournier 5-Oct-10
Topics Related to Sustainable Design PDF Don Fournier 30-Sep-10
Hospitality: Boosting your Profits with Energy Efficiency PDF Don Fournier 20-Aug-10
Public Sector Workshop PDF Don Fournier 12-Apr-10
Energy Saving Tips for Salons PDF Robert Nemeth 7-Apr-10
Green and Efficient: The Future of Housing PDF Don Fournier 11-Nov-09
Our Energy Future PDF Don Fournier 9-Oct-09
A Peek at the Peaks (Oil and others) PDF Don Fournier 16-Jun-09
Water Conservation PDF Robert Nemeth 27-Apr-09
Energy Savings in Hospitals PDF Don Fournier 19-Mar-09
Practical Energy Savings for Main Street Businesses PDF Eileen Westervelt 12-Mar-09
Saving Energy One Floor at a Time PDF Ben Sliwinski 12-Mar-09
Energy and Water Auditing PDF Don Fournier 12-Mar-09