Presentation imageSEDAC provides education and outreach to diverse audiences through workshops, presentations, and webinars.  Below is a sample of the 500+ workshops and events SEDAC has provided throughout the state. Topics include Illinois energy efficiency programs and incentives; energy efficiency in specific markets such as schools, libraries, and park districts; financing energy efficiency, and much more.

2018 IECC Residential Provisions with Corresponding IRC Sections--Webinar PDF Ryan Siegel and Robert Nemeth, SEDAC 14-Nov-18
Energy Code Basics & 2018 IECC Updates--Workshop PDF Ryan Siegel and Sumi Han, SEDAC 7-Nov-18
2018 International Energy Conservation Code Updates--Workshop PDF Ryan Siegel and Sumi Han, SEDAC 25-Oct-18
2018 International Energy Conservation Code Electrical & Lighting Systems--Workshop PDF Ryan Siegel and Sumi Han, SEDAC 11-Oct-18
2018 International Energy Conservation Code Updates--Workshop


Ryan Siegel and Sumi Han, SEDAC 9-May-18
2018 International Energy Conservation Code Updates--Webinar


Ryan Siegel and Sumi Han, SEDAC 4-Apr-18
2018 International Energy Conservation Code Updates--Workshop PDF
Ryan Siegel and Sumi Han, SEDAC 4-Feb-18
Breaking down Barriers to Energy Efficiency PDF

Sam Bluemer, Will County
Cassie Carroll, SEDAC


Public Sector Energy Efficiency Programs: ComEd, Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas, North Shore Gas

PDF Cassie Carroll, SEDAC 27-Sep-17

Breaking down Barriers to Energy Efficiency

PDF Tim Gibson, John A. Logan College 20-Sep-17

Ameren Illinois Public Sector Energy Efficiency Programs

PDF Michelle Hibbard, Ameren Illinois 20-Sep-17

Financing Energy Efficiency

PDF Tim Lindsey, SEDAC 20-Sep-17


PDF Audrie Washington, EPA 


Investing in Building Energy Savings Video Robert Nemeth and Todd Rusk 16-Feb-17
Natural Gas Efficiency Promotional Opportunities PDF Deirdre Coughlin, DCEO
Brian Katamay, ERC
Park Districts Energy Walk Through PDF | Video Andy Robinson 13-Jan-17
Libraries Energy Walk Through  PDFVideo Andy Robinson 16-Dec-16
Energy Efficiency Incentives for State Facilities PDF

Jordan Berman-Cutler and Andrea Reiff, DCEO
Andy Robinson, SEDAC
Rose Jordan, MEEA

New Construction Going Beyond Code PDF | Video Sumi Han 9-Dec-16

Reduce Your Energy Footprint: 

1. Find ways to save energy in your buildings - SEDAC

PDF Andy Robinson 8-Dec-16
2. The Greenest Region Compact 2 - MMC PDF Edith Makra, MMC 8-Dec-16
3. EPA Voluntary Programs - EPA Region 5 PDF Audrie Washington,
Cary McElhinney, Andrew Meindl,  US EPA Region 5
Schools Energy Walk Through   PDF |  Video   2-Dec-16
School Energy Efficiency PDF | Video Andy Robinson and Robert Nemeth 9-Nov-16
Paying for Energy Efficiency with Financing PDF Todd Rusk 25-Oct-16
New Construction PDF Andy Robinson 3-Oct-16
Technical and Application Assistance PDF Andy Robinson 3-Oct-16

Energy Assessments

PDF Andy Robinson 3-Oct-16
Training and Education PDF Andy Robinson 3-Oct-16
Success Stories Panel Discussion PDF Andy Robinson 3-Oct-16
High Performance Design Strategies PDF Jean Ascoli 20-Nov-14
Energy Overview PDF Zachary Klass 20-Nov-14
Building Retro-Commissioning PDF Greg Swiss 12-Nov-14
Existing Building Upgrades PDF Shawn Maurer 7-Nov-14
Beyond Operations and Maintenance PDF Shawn Maurer 7-Nov-14
Funding and Assistance PDF Greg Swiss 23-Oct-14
Energy Strategies that Work PDF Jean Ascoli 12-Mar-14
Designing Beyond Code for Energy Efficiency PDF Jean Ascoli 12-Mar-14
RCx and Building Dashboards PDF Ben Sliwinski 5-Mar-14
How to Sell it: Communicating Energy Efficiency Effectively PDF Jean Ascoli 14-Oct-13
How to Get it Done: New Construction Incentives PDF Greg Swiss 14-Oct-13
Savings through Creative Energy Management PDF SEDAC 10-Oct-13
Energy Assessments: A Cost Savings Solution PDF Andy Robinson 2-Oct-13
The Demand Side of Smart Automation PDF Brian Deal 25-Sep-13
Retro-commissioning PDF Ben Sliwinski 2-Nov-12
Building Upgrades PDF Jean Ascoli 2-Nov-12
Not Just Maintaining PDF Scott Jasinski 2-Nov-12
Energy in Buildings: Understanding the impacts on consumption PDF Steve Wallon 30-Oct-12
How to select, prioritize, and justify economically viable energy projects PDF Eileen Westervelt 30-Oct-12
Incentives and Financing PDF Greg Swiss 30-Oct-12
Energy Importance PDF Emmy Riley 30-Oct-12
Energy Strategies that Work: Case Studies PDF Emmy Riley and Jean Ascoli 11-Oct-12
Energy Strategies that Work PDF Emmy Riley 11-Oct-12
Growing Greener PDF Steve Wallon 23-Apr-12
Strategies for Building Energy Efficiency PDF Ben Sliwinski 26-Apr-12
Benchmarking your Building PDF Ben Sliwinski 26-Apr-12
Building Energy Efficiency--Case Studies PDF Ben Sliwinski 26-Apr-12
Retro-commissioning PDF Don Fournier 12-Mar-12
New Construction PDF Kristine Chalifoux 12-Mar-12
Reaching your Energy Potential PDF Jean Ascoli 12-Mar-12
Existing Buildings PDF Emmy Riley 8-Mar-12
Financing Efficiency PDF Greg Swiss 21-Nov-11
Saving Energy on a Tight Budget PDF Jean Ascoli 21-Nov-11
Low Cost Home Energy Improvements: Getting the Info PDF Andy Robinson 19-Sep-11
How Energy Efficiency Part 2 PDF Don Fournier 19-Sep-11
Building Energy Efficiency and LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credits PDF Jean Ascoli 13-Sep-11
Energy Trends and Impacts in Illinois PDF Don Fournier 15-Apr-11
Energy Efficiency: Improving the Bottom Line PDF Don Fournier 6-Apr-11
The Challenge of Energy Efficiency PDF Eileen Westervelt 15-Mar-11
Energy Smart Municipal Buildings PDF Scott Jasinski 15-Mar-11
Energy Efficiency Practices for Low-Income Populations PDF Don Fournier 8-Mar-11
Energy Smart Schools PDF Scott Jasinski 3-Mar-11
The Challenge of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability PDF Don Fournier 24-Feb-11
Grid Integration PDF   21-Feb-11
Improving Indoor Environmental Quality with LEED PDF Jean Ascoli 24-Jan-11
Energy Efficiency Opportunities PDF Andy Robinson 17-Dec-10
The Greenest Little Schools in the Midwest PDF Andy Robinson 8-Nov-10
Case Study: Normal Children's Discovery Museum PDF SEDAC 5-Nov-10
Energy at the Crossroads PDF Don Fournier 5-Oct-10
Topics Related to Sustainable Design PDF Don Fournier 30-Sep-10
Hospitality: Boosting your Profits with Energy Efficiency PDF Don Fournier 20-Aug-10
Public Sector Workshop PDF Don Fournier 12-Apr-10
Energy Saving Tips for Salons PDF Robert Nemeth 7-Apr-10
Green and Efficient: The Future of Housing PDF Don Fournier 11-Nov-09
Our Energy Future PDF Don Fournier 9-Oct-09
A Peek at the Peaks (Oil and others) PDF Don Fournier 16-Jun-09
Water Conservation PDF Robert Nemeth 27-Apr-09
Energy Savings in Hospitals PDF Don Fournier 19-Mar-09
Practical Energy Savings for Main Street Businesses PDF Eileen Westervelt 12-Mar-09
Saving Energy One Floor at a Time PDF Ben Sliwinski 12-Mar-09
Energy and Water Auditing PDF Don Fournier 12-Mar-09