Student Internships

SEDAC’s internship program provides University of Illinois students with a thorough foundation in understanding energy usage in buildings.  Intern experiences include mentorship from experienced engineers and architects as they participate in instruction, hands-on workshops, field experience, and individual projects related to building energy usage. 


  • Energy basics
  • Benchmarking
  • Using weather data
  • Identifying energy efficiency measures
  • Calculating energy savings
  • Lighting basics
  • Writing effective energy assessment reports

Intern experience

kevin Donovan photo
Kevin Donovan

"The staff is friendly, helpful, and very supportive of the interns.  After a training period, I was given my first project to work on began to experience real world energy analysis.  It was refreshing to be given the respect and responsibility while a student and it provided for a very professional atmosphere.  I have now been with SEDAC for almost two years and have learned extensively about building energy requirements and consumption.  Because of the collaborative nature of the organization, I have also grown my team and networking skills.  I would have no problem approaching any staff member with a question or to seek help on a project.  Overall, SEDAC has been one of the best experiences of my graduate career."