If you want to save energy and money but aren't sure where to start, apply for an energy assessment. SEDAC energy assessments give you the independent, expert advice you need to make your building more energy efficient. We typically identify solutions that can save you 10-30% on utility costs.

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What is an energy assessment?

A SEDAC energy assessment includes a site visit and consultation. SEDAC will examine major building components: the building envelope, lighting, heating, ventilating, and cooling systems. An energy assessment also typically includes a utility bill analysis and benchmarking to see how your building's energy use compares to other similar buildings.

SEDAC will provide a report with a list of recommendations that the facility should consider to save energy and money. We will identify energy efficient technologies and building design techniques.  We'll work with you to determine any needs for further program services.

SEDAC can provide more in-depth analysis as needed, such as life cycle cost analysis. We can use energy simulation software to identify and prioritize cost effective solutions.

What SEDAC clients are saying

"We wouldn't have even known about these projects without the audit. We have used it to justify energy efficiency projects to our Board and to guide us in applying for rebates."

Tami Kampwerth, Aviston Elementary School

"You could immediately feel the difference from the insulation in the summer heat. SEDAC's services were a HUGE help."

Jeffrey Janda, Berwyn Park District Director

"Both experiences working with SEDAC were very helpful. They were willing to look into areas we knew we wanted to work on, as well as areas we hadn't considered."

Tim Bonnette, Director of Buildings and Grounds

"SEDAC has been very easy to work with--I can't say that in enough different ways. Their support has been helping me sell continued investment in energy efficiency for our board."

Doug Renkosik, Operations and Maintenance Director, Huntley Community School District 158