Financing is no longer an obstacle in completing commercial building upgrades! C-PACE is a unique financing model that allows commercial and multi-family property owners to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects with no upfront costs. Thanks to recent  state legislation, C-PACE is now available for properties in Illinois.

SEDAC provides services to local governments with C-PACE programs and to the commercial property owners who participate in them.

What is C-PACE?

C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy) allows commercial and multi-family building owners to obtain long-term fixed-rate financing for projects that enhance building energy efficiency, sustainability, or renewable energy. A beneficial assessment is attached to the building, and owners repay the project loans through their property tax bills.

Where is C-PACE available? 

Currently, C-PACE is only available in the following municipalities.  Contact your local C-PACE program to participate.


We hosted a webinar on November 14 for attendees to learn about qualifying projects and how to participate in the Illinois C-PACE program. View the webinar recording here! Featured webinar speakers included:

  • Todd Rusk, Director, SEDAC
  • Brad Fletcher, Vice President, Illinois Finance Authority
  • Christopher Kane, Executive Director of Business Development and Origination, Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Real Estate
  • Paul Ellis, Director of Economic Development, Fairview Heights, IL

Get started

Contact SEDAC at or 800.214.7954 to find out how we can help your local government or business take advantage of C-PACE.