Developing and launching successful energy efficiency programs requires comparative analyses, thoughtful stakeholder engagement, cost analyses and projections, and more.

Since 2008, SEDAC has worked closely with state entities and utilities to provide analysis and stakeholder engagement for a variety of energy efficiency programs and policies for various market sectors and under-served communities. This experience has given us a deep understanding of how policy and program design impact participation for different populations and market sectors. We have also provided evaluation support, analyzing existing programs to make sure they are meeting goals and reaching target market sectors.

SEDAC designs data systems and client contact procedures that support evaluation and documented energy savings.

Staff meeting

Engaging stakeholders

In developing and evaluating programs, we believe it is important to gain insight and involvement from within the community. Our team engages community-based organizations and stakeholders, seeking input and involvement every step of the way, from program development and implementation to evaluation. Key SEDAC personnel have convened and facilitated steering committees with members representing multiple state agencies and stakeholder groups. SEDAC personnel have worked with state organizations, local officials, local business representatives, and community members to identify development opportunities, oversee and launch programs, and develop policies.

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