Program Development

A valuable program partnerMeeting

SEDAC has over a decade of experience developing and executing energy efficiency programs in coordination with utilities, government agencies, and other organizations. Our extensive experience makes us a valuable partner.

Since 2004, SEDAC has worked with utilities and government agencies to develop and implement many cost-effective programs that provide verified energy savings, including:

  • Small Business Smart Energy Program
  • Energy Assessment Program
  • Retro-commissioning and Mini Retro-commissioning programs
  • New Construction Design Assistance Program
  • HVAC Optimization Program
  • Energy Dashboard Program
  • Energy Code Training Program
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Efficiency Program
  • Lighting Survey Program
  • Workforce Training Program

Proven success

SEDAC's energy efficiency programs have generated over 2,700 projects from a wide range of clients, including large metropolitan museums, airports, grocery chains, and hundreds of businesses and public sector entities. Implemented energy savings measures from these projects have led to total energy savings of 2.4 billion kWh and 117 million therms--equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions from 511,111 cars driven for one year. These energy savings have saved businesses and communities nearly $300 million. 

Meet our team

Brian DealBrian Deal, SEDAC's Executive Director, helps to develop and implement SEDAC's many programs. A professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Illinois, he combines his research expertise with an ability to connect with organizations across the world to develop innovative sustainability and energy efficiency initiatives. In addition to directing the energy efficiency programs at SEDAC, he is active in a number of University and community sustainability initiatives and collaborates with several international Universities on comparative approaches to planning and urban sustainability. His work has been supported by a host of regional, state, federal, and international agencies. 

Todd RuskTodd Rusk, SEDAC's Director, is involved in all aspects of program design, development, and implementation, making sure that SEDAC's many programs are running smoothly and meeting their goals. Todd has conducted energy efficiency projects for public sector, commercial, industrial, institutional and not-for-profit facilities. Todd holds a B.S. Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has been recognized as a Certified Energy Manager™ by the Association of Energy Engineers since 2002. Since 1999, Todd has served in various roles related to technical assistance, technology development, and applied research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In addition to his work at UIUC, Todd serves as a commissioner on the City of Urbana Sustainability Advisory Commission, where he helped to develop the City of Urbana Climate Action Plan and the City of Urbana Water Plan.

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