What SEDAC clients are saying

Site visitSEDAC has been a vital resource in helping us identify ways to save energy and reduce our utility costs, as well as effectively plan our five and twenty year capital improvement work plan.” – J.W. Croft, Executive Vice President for The Field Museum

“We can’t say enough about the great work the staff at SEDAC’s Energy Office does in providing guidance and assistance to those of us seeking to increase energy efficiency, conserve energy, and reduce utility costs.  Taking advantage of incentive programs has enabled John A. Logan to achieve one of the lowest energy cost per square foot of any IL college.  It has helped us keep tuition costs down while showing a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.” – Tim Gibson, Director of Buildings and Grounds, John A.Logan College

“The SEDAC Energy Assessment precipitated all these projects. We wouldn’t have even known about these projects without the audit. We have used it to justify energy efficiency projects to our Board and to guide us in applying for rebates.” – Tami Kampwerth, Aviston Elementary School

"I would like to thank SEDAC for working with us from the very inception of this project to assist the District with incorporating energy efficient features into the building. When this sports center opens to the public in just a few weeks, I am proud to be able to say that we will have not just a great sports facility for our citizens, but one that will operate in a very efficient manner. Thanks for your help." – Garrett Jones, Rockford Park District

“Working with SEDAC was simple and everyone there was very friendly and helpful. They were able to offer a wide range of project options that would allow us to save significant amounts in energy costs. We were able to immediately implement a number of their recommendations and we saw an immediate reduction in both natural gas and electricity usage near 30%.” – Ian Peery, Director of Buildings and Grounds, Glenside Public Library

“We in Logan County greatly appreciate the assistance provided by SEDAC in helping us make our buildings more energy-efficient. As a small county, we did not have the technical expertise on staff to undertake these types of projects without the help of SEDAC. As a result of their assistance, we have saved thousands of dollars in our utility bills which has helped our financial situation immensely.” – Jan Schumacher, Member, Logan County Board

“The recommendations we received from SEDAC helped us create a capital plan for building upgrades that resulted not only in more efficient space, but also made us more mindful of 20 North Michigan Avenue’s impact on the environment." – Jennifer Siragusa, General Manager, 20 North Michigan Avenue

“It is invaluable to have resources like SEDAC who helped us identify ways to lower our energy costs. By implementing several of their recommendations, we are already seeing savings in our energy usage and costs. Furthermore, we have a list of long-term projects that can have additional impact.“ – Courtney Reid, Director of Operations, Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

“For years I looked at the utility bills for the Rock Springs Nature Center and assumed there was no way to control rising energy costs. SEDAC provided us with a solution through its free energy audit. Measures implemented from the audit are helping Macon County Conservation District use less energy resulting in significant cost savings! “ – Paul Marien, Macon County Conservation District Operations Manager

"You could immediately feel the difference from the insulation in the summer heat. We could not have done these projects without funding from grants. SEDAC’s services were a HUGE help.” – Jeffrey Janda, Berwyn Park District Director

“SEDAC is fantastic! I really appreciate having SEDAC’s expertise as a resource.” – Normal Library Director, Brian Chase