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Primary and secondary schools in the U.S. spend a total of $8 billion per year on energy.  This expense is larger than the amount spent on computers and textbooks combined.  Many schools are less efficient than they could be. The Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) has analyzed the energy usage of many schools in Illinois and found that the least efficient schools consume approximately three times more energy per square foot than the best performing schools. Reducing energy costs will save money for other uses, like educational materials, salaries, and school supplies.

SEDAC understands the challenges of balancing energy improvements with available financial resources.  Our goal is to assist schools in making the best decisions in this process.  We help identify the most cost-effective strategies for retrofitting and repairing existing buildings.  SEDAC recommends cost-effective strategies with short payback periods, and most buildings see 30% in energy savings when they adopt our recommended strategies.  We also help schools identify sources of funding to reduce the cost of implementing these improvements.