Glenside Library

In 2013 and 2014, SEDAC provided technical assistance to help Glenside Public Library identify ways to save energy and money. Glenside Public Library has implemented many of SEDAC’s recommendations. They pursued a boiler tune-up to make sure the existing boiler was operating at its peak. In order to maintain better control of the building’s HVAC system, Glenside Public Library:

  • Installed demand control ventilation on air handling units
  • Installed a discharge air temperature reset
  • Installed an optimum start/stop for air handling units to automatically predict the correct time to start and stop the HVAC systems.
  • Reduced the reheat setpoint to better respond to changing weather and occupancy patterns and conserve financial resources.

They also installed LED task lighting.

"Working with SEDAC was simple and everyone there was very friendly and helpful. They were able to offer a wide range of project options that would allow us to save significant amounts in energy costs. The reports and tables were very intuitive and included an abundance of data like costs and simple payback periods. This made it very easy to evaluate projects that could be completed immediately versus those that required time to save for the capital expenditure. We were able to immediately implement a number of their recommendations and we saw an immediate reduction in both natural gas and electricity usage near 30%." --Ian Perry, Leader of Support Services Facilitation, Director of Buildings and Grounds