Individual being interviewed for a job

In the current job market where job seekers have a multitude of different options, how do you craft a job posting that attracts quality and diverse applicants?

Highlight the benefits

Job benefits are increasingly important to applicants, according to a recent survey of more than 30,000 jobseekers by Joblist.  More than half of the people responding to the survey said benefits are important and that they would consider jobs with lower salaries if the benefits were good.  A survey by Fractl found that benefits that provide financial security are the most important, followed by benefits that support work-life balance.  Among the most valuable benefits are healthcare, sick leave, parental leave and flexible schedules, according to the Joblist survey.

With benefits being so important, it’s a good idea to highlight them in your job postings.  Make a list of the benefits of working at your company.  Include the obvious benefits like insurance, retirement funds, vacation and paid leave.  Then, add in the less obvious and intangible benefits like flexible schedules, gym memberships, daycare, casual dress codes, opportunities to learn, pets allowed at work, transit passes, discounts, community volunteer programs, free coffee and snacks — the things that make life more enjoyable when you’re at work or away from work.

Re-think the benefits you offer

In a competitive job market, benefits might be just the thing to attract the right candidate.  The Springfield Urban League recommends describing the benefits early in the job posting.  They also recommend adding testimonials from current employees who like working at your company.

In the Joblist survey, almost three-quarters (74%) of jobseekers said that employers should re-think benefits.  If you want to re-think the benefits your company offers, here are some great articles to look at:

Craft a compelling posting

For more ideas on writing job postings that attract the right candidates, consider this advice gathered from the big job boards (Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, CareerBuilder):

  • Start with a specific, relevant job title
  • Describe the job in detail, but don’t be too wordy (Some people might be reading on their phones.)
  • List the salary
  • Describe the benefits and perks that come with the job
  • Distinguish between required and preferred skills and experience (A report by Hewlett Packard found that men tend to apply for jobs if they meet 60% of the requirements, but women tend to apply only when they meet all the requirements.)
  • Consider alternative ways to demonstrate competency. If someone doesn't have a college degree, for instance, could they demonstrate competency by having a few years of related experience?
  • Use gender-neutral language
  • Talk about what makes the job fulfilling and interesting
  • List the work location
Share your job posting

When you’re ready to post your job announcement, share it within your professional networks and online.  In central Illinois, consider posting your energy efficiency job on the Springfield Urban League’s job board Homepage | Illinois Energy Efficiency Jobs.  It’s free and the staff at SUL can help you get your job listed and seen.

Finally, reach out to SEDAC for help. As part of the Ameren IL Energy Efficiency Workforce Development Initiative, we're helping employers spread the word about their jobs at schools and colleges, training programs, community organizations and more. Learn more