Huntley High School entrance

As Operations and Maintenance Director of Huntley School District 158, Doug Renkosik has lots of experience asking the board of education to fund energy efficiency projects. The board has been remarkably supportive, and energy efficiency projects have saved the school district over $660,000 in annual energy costs.

One reason Doug is so effective is because he knows how to ask for help. He relies on organizations like SEDAC to:

  • Give him independent, expert advice on how to make his buildings more efficient
  • Provide him with energy cost savings data that he can present to the school board
  • Identify incentives that will help pay for the energy efficiency upgrades. Doug explains, "If you can find a way to fund it, it's an easier sell."

Huntley High School New Construction and Renovation

Doug participated in SEDAC's New Construction Program when renovating and expanding Huntley High School. SEDAC analyzed design documents, met with the design team, and recommended ways to make the designs even more energy efficient.

Most of the recommendations consisted of going beyond code in equipment selection and envelope construction. Illinois mandates that all new buildings and major renovations meet current energy code, but going beyond code can lead to substantial additional energy savings.

SEDAC estimated that the high school would save 442,000 kWh and 23,000 therms annually with the more efficient designs, an annual cost savings of $53,000. SEDAC also estimated that by following these recommendations, the high school would be eligible for over $200,000 in incentives.

Using the information that SEDAC provided, Doug returned to the board of education with revised plans for a new, more efficient building. The board could immediately see that it was a good idea and agreed to fund the more efficient designs.

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