About the Tool

This tool was created to facilitate decision making regarding solar development on IDNR properties. The tool addresses the technical and financial feasibility of utilizing solar panels at any IDNR agricultural lease property. In addition to assessing the suitability of each site for solar, and it provides preliminary indications of solar system capacity and cost.

The tool has two maps: 1) Ag lease lands, and 2) a suitability map viewer that shows technical solar suitability results across the state and may provide useful localized context for the suitability ratings of IDNR sites.

How to use the tool


  1. Click on one of the buttons on the left to select a map type.
  2. Zoom in to view a particular location, or enter the ZIP code, county name, or town name of a site using the Search Map button (top left magnifying glass)
  3. Click on the individual dots to learn more about each site.
  4. Using the “NOTE” button, provide any additional information you are aware of about the site that may influence solar feasibility or appropriateness. Types of information to add include, but are not limited to the presence of trees, site conditions, administrative concerns, or alternate land uses. Your input will be saved in a Google Sheet that is viewable and editable for future users of this tool.
  5. Send overall questions or comments on the tool to Jane McClintock at jcmccli2@illinois.edu.