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When we provide energy efficiency services, we make sure to identify any available incentives so that our clients can take advantage of these opportunities.

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For a comprehensive listing of all energy incentives and energy efficiency programs available in Illinois, visit the DSIRE database.

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Utility Public Sector Incentives

The following utility energy efficiency programs have incentives specifically for public sector facilities or include public sector facilities in their commercial incentive programs.



Utility Commercial Incentives

Learn more about utility energy efficiency incentives and services for commercial facilities.



Utility Residential Incentives

Learn more about utility energy efficiency services for residential facilities



Solar Incentives

Illinois Power Agency

  • Adjustable Block Program to support the development of photovoltaic distributed generation projects, traditional community solar projects, community-driven community solar projects, equity eligible contractor projects, and public school projects. See Transition Updates.
  • Illinois Solar for All Program to support the development of solar energy in traditionally underserved populations.
  • Illinois Net Metering policy.

Solar Investment Tax Credit, a federal program to support the development of PV systems.



State Energy Efficiency Programs

A comprehensive listing of enabling EEPS legislation and docket proceedings is available on the Illinois Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Advisory Group website.

The Illinois EPA Office of Energy Programs


CEJA Workforce Funding Opportunities

Federal Legislation: New Funding Opportunities

Good news! Recent  federal energy legislation offers exciting funding opportunities for building upgrades, infrastructure improvements, and workforce development. Much of the focus is on making buildings more energy efficient, investing in renewable energy and electric vehicles, and training people for green jobs. There is something for everyone: businesses, homeowners, federal buildings, non-profit and community organizations, institutions of higher education, state agencies, public schools, municipalities and more.

Below we describe some opportunities from the Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Opportunities and the Inflation Reduction Act.

Disclaimer: This list of potential funding opportunities is focused on energy efficiency, solar, and workforce opportunities and is not comprehensive. Many of the grant and funding opportunities are not yet open. We share this list so that organizations can plan for the future. We will post updates as we become aware of them.

Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Opportunities

Inflation Reduction Act Opportunities

Other Funding Opportunities

Check out the websites below to find more grants and funding opportunities for your organization.