As organizations scramble to make buildings safer during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be encouraging to know that many of these actions will be beneficial after the immediate danger fades. One such silver lining includes enhancements to HVAC systems to deliver more fresh air to buildings. (The recommendation is 800 ppm of CO2.)

In this video clip, Dr. Ty Newell explains the many health and economic benefits of increasing ventilation beyond the code minimum. Dr. Newell demonstrates how ventilation significantly decreases the risk of contracting COVID-19, while also increasing productivity, decreasing sick days, and increasing comfort. Dr. Newell explains the difference between the current building standard for adequate "odor control ventilation" vs. "healthy air ventilation," which is typically double the code minimum.

Dr. Newell shares results for decades of findings showing the economic and health benefits of increased ventilation, practical suggestions for monitoring and measuring CO2 in your building, and how CO2 concentration directly indicates the infection risk of a space.

This video clip is from a longer SEDAC webinar, Considerations, Best Practices, and Energy Implications for Reopening Facilities in the Pandemic.