New Construction Design Assistance

roof constructionTechnical Assistance

Are you involved in a new construction or major renovation project? SEDAC can provide technical assistance to help you achieve higher performance and reduce operating costs for the owner and/or tenant.

This may involve:

  • Review of construction documents
  • Working with design team
  • Identifying high-performance building design strategies and technologies

To learn more about how SEDAC can help your new construction or renovation project become more energy efficient, please call 800.214.7954 or email


Codes and Standards: Energy Code Training

All new buildings built in the State of Illinois are required to meet the minimum standards of the current Illinois Energy Conservation Code (IL ECC).  SEDAC provides training to increase awareness of the Illinois Conservation Code and to improve the energy efficiency of new construction and renovation in Illinois. SEDAC offers workshops, webinars, online training, resources, and technical support. This program is funded by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Office of Energy. Learn more about our training opportunities at, or call us at 800.214.7954 if you have an energy code question. 

The current version of the code references the following model code or standards to meet compliance:

While the Illinois Energy Conservation Code sets the required minimum energy efficiency standard for new buildings and major renovations, SEDAC recommends the use of additional standards and references to achieve higher (beyond-code) energy efficiency goals.  Recommended references and standards include:

New Construction Resources