Linda Larsen

Linda Larsen
Publications Coordinator

As the Publications Coordinator for SEDAC, Linda Larsen believes that energy efficiency ideas need to be communicated clearly and persuasively so that people are empowered to make positive changes.

"Writing about things that matter is deeply satisfying. I love immersing myself in a challenging writing task and watching it come to life."  

Prior to her work at SEDAC, Linda taught writing classes in the English Department at the University of Illinois. One semester, she decided to teach a sustainability-themed writing class and enjoyed it so much that she quit her teaching job to focus on her new passion: writing to build a greener future. 

In addition to her work at SEDAC, Linda collaborates with professors in environmental design fields at the University of Illinois and elsewhere. She helps them sharpen their messages, secure funding, and tell their stories to a wider audience.

Outside the office

Linda runs an after school program at Urbana Middle School on building sustainable cities of the future and volunteers with the Education Justice Project at the University of Illinois.

At home, she unwinds through music. She'd rather play piano and violin or sing than do just about anything else.