Woodridge Park District Athletic Recreation Center


The Woodridge Park District’s mission is to “enhance quality of life by providing superior parks, facilities, and recreational services in a fiscally responsible and environmentally sustainable manner, in partnership with the community.” 

This mission is exemplified in their recently constructed Athletic Recreation Center in Woodridge, IL. By bringing affordable athletic programming to users, the Athletic Recreation Center benefits the community in numerous ways. Users are healthier, leading to reduced health care costs. The beautiful new facility attracts home buyers and businesses. Programming decreases loneliness and prevents youth crime.  

Not only that, the Athletic Recreation Center was constructed--and is operated--in a fiscally responsible and environmentally sustainable way.  Indeed, environmental sustainability and fiscal responsibility often go hand in hand: an energy efficient design will reduce operating costs, and funding from energy efficiency programs makes constructing an efficient building more affordable.

"In all our buildings, we consistently look for energy efficiency. We are always open to any green initiatives that have a good return on investment, especially if those initiatives can be subsidized through grants," explains Mike Adams, Woodridge Park District Executive Director.

Read the case study to explore how SEDAC helped the district achieve its goals.