Retro-commissioning for Ameren Illinois Customers

SEDAC provides retro-commissioning services for non-residential facilities (private and public sector) in Ameren Illinois territory through the Ameren Illinois Energy Savings Program. Retro-commissioning seeks to improve how building equipment and systems operate, recommending low-cost measures that typically reduce energy use by 10-20%.  

Customers can participate in the Lite or Large RCx programs, depending on the size of the facility. Pre-approval is required.  Customers must agree to meet minimum energy savings requirements (by implementing energy efficiency recommendations) in order to have the RCx study fully or partially reimbursed by Ameren Illinois. Eligibility requirements are as follows: 

  RCx Lite RCx Large
Total SF (air-conditioned space) 20,000-100,000 SF ≥ 100,000 SF
BAS System Not required Required
Age of building At least 5 years old
Electric Delivery Service Rate DS2, DS3, DS4, DS5, or DS6
Gas Delivery Service Rate GDS2, GDS3, GDS4, GDS5, or GDS7
For facilities that have received an energy assessment At least 5 years since last energy assessment

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For questions about eligibility and the RCx application process, please call 800.214.7954 or email

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