Robert Nemeth

Robert Nemeth photo
Technical Director

Robert Nemeth is SEDAC's Technical Director, overseeing the technical aspects of our work: facility site visits, energy assessment reports, retro-commissioning studies, new construction design assistance, and staff training to make sure our engineers stay up to date on the latest energy efficiency technologies. He also develops educational content and presents at SEDAC webinars and workshops.

Robert's parents lived through the deprivations of WWII in Europe, and they imparted on Robert a sense of frugality. Robert has been energy and resource conscious since his childhood.

"I find helping others save energy very fulfilling. Meeting facility engineers, touring their facilities, and learning about new technologies is always interesting."

Robert's love of architecture, engineering, and resource efficiency have been important motivators in his private and professional life. 

  • He worked with the Building Research Council at the University of Illinois as a consultant for HUD, helping to investigate mold, moisture, and energy-related problems in Native American Housing and recommend solutions to identified problems.
  • He worked for the US Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory for eight years as a researcher in the Energy Systems Division, performing many of the same functions he performs at SEDAC.
  • He has worked as an architect, and in the construction and cabinet-making industry. He has rebuilt several houses, one a historical residence.
  • He volunteers with a local non-profit historic preservation, construction and salvage group which keeps building materials from being landfilled when buildings are being demolished.
  • He enjoys backpacking with friends, which has provided him with a great appreciation for untouched landscapes and getting by with just what you can carry on your back.

Robert was a licensed Architect in the State of Illinois, and has been involved with the design and construction of buildings since 1975. He has a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, a Masters of Architecture, and Master of Science in Civil Engineering, all from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has taught building technology courses at the University of Illinois in the School of Architecture and at Parkland College in the Building Sciences Department.