Anthony Santarelli

Anthony Santarelli photo
Business Development Specialist

Anthony Santarelli is SEDAC's Business Development Specialist. He engages in marketing and outreach, developing relationships with clients, partners, and communities. He travels throughout the state, networking with other environmental leaders to identify opportunities for new programs and strategic partnerships.

"I enjoy getting to meet and work with people who are doing impactful work in sustainability and making the world a better place." 

Anthony's interest in sustainability dates back to his childhood, when he watched a Sesame Street cartoon on water conservation where a fish almost ran out of water because a boy had left the water on while brushing his teeth. 

"Oddly enough, that gave me an unusual amount of anxiety regarding resource scarcity, and I've sought to find sustainable solutions to these issues ever since." 

Anthony is a graduate of the University of Illinois Environmental Economics and Policy program, and he has been working in the business sustainability field since 2009, focusing on green business engagement and managing commercial energy efficiency rebate implementation programs.

Outside the office

In addition to his work at SEDAC, Anthony works as the Director of the Illinois Green Business Association to help businesses in Illinois become more sustainable. He enjoys traveling to new countries (his goal is to visit a new country each year) and pretending to play bass guitar. In a past life, he was a wild dog living on a beach.