SEDAC research on energy efficiency and sustainability

Midwest Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Partnership

SEDAC, in collaboration with the Illinois Grainger College of Engineering, Argonne National Laboratory, and the College of Liberal Arts and […]

Impact of COVID19 on Energy Efficiency Workforce

By Devin Day, SEDAC Engagement and Program Specialist The coronavirus pandemic has created an unprecedented level of uncertainty for industries […]

Energy efficiency workforce: Raising awareness

The energy efficiency sector has a high demand for workers--especially in the HVAC technician and construction industries--yet few young people […]

PHAs: Energy Efficiency Barriers

SEDAC recently conducted research to identify ways to help Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) engage in energy efficiency. In part 1 […]

SEDAC develops a solar suitability assessment tool

SEDAC recently conducted a feasibility study to determine where the Illinois Department of Natural Resources could develop solar on their […]

Energy efficiency workforce: What’s in a name?

At SEDAC, we are committed to reducing the energy footprint of the State of Illinois by helping to grow the […]

Energy efficiency workforce: Where are we now?

The energy efficiency sector is one of the fastest growing job sectors in Illinois and nationwide. Energy efficiency businesses were projected […]

The hidden costs of reheating

Have you noticed that your boiler is working harder than it needs to, especially on hot muggy summer days? If […]

Energy dashboards

Do energy information dashboards reduce energy consumption and change occupant behaviors and attitudes? To find out, we implemented energy dashboards […]

The human side of retro-commissioning

It's easy to assume that RCx is a strictly technical exercise, optimizing the energy performance of the built environment. But […]

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