SEDAC is creating 15 modules about energy efficiency and energy code topics,
for use in community college and other building science training programs.

Intro Modules

MEP Modules

Envelope Modules

Other Modules

What's in each module?

Organized by subtopic

Each module has 4-5 subtopics that are tailored to 3 program types:

  • Architecture/drafting programs
  • Construction management/tech programs
  • Trade programs (HVAC, Electrical, etc.)

Subtopics will start with a basic overview of the topic and increase in complexity.

Bite-sized chunks

Subtopics contain 15-20 minutes of learning material. Material and resources in each subtopic will help students:

  • Learn the concept
  • Experience the concept through real life examples
  • Practice the concept through hands-on assignments, discussions, and quizzes

Types of Learning Content

  • Presentation slides and lecture notes for in-class presentations
  • Handouts and webpages for student-directed learning
  • Videos, diagrams, and images to illustrate concepts
  • Quizzes, activities, and discussions questions
  • Resources for further learning

Sample Modules

Click on the course cards for sample curriculum from our modules