Energy Assessments

commissioning agentEnergy assessments are available for buildings and communities. These assessments may include a site visit and consultation. 

Major energy-consuming building components including the building envelope, lighting, heating, ventilating, and cooling systems will be examined. An evaluation will identify specific opportunities for taking advantage of energy efficient technologies and building design techniques.  

A list of energy cost reduction measures (ECRMs) that the facility should consider will be provided, as well as information on incentives and grants available for the building. SEDAC staff and the participant can determine any needs for further program services.

SEDAC provides some high potential buildings with a more in-depth analysis, including a life cycle cost analysis, to identify specific cost effective energy cost reduction measures (ECRMs) and potential savings. These assessments include results and analyses that employ energy simulation software. A cost-benefit analysis for upgrades will prioritize the ECRMs identified.

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Are you an architect or engineer with energy assessment experience? Would you like to participate in our program as a Pre-qualified Design Assistance Expert? SEDAC invites interested architects and engineers to apply to our program by completing the Request for Qualifications.

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