retrocommissioning photoRetro-commissioning (RCx) is the systematic discovery, documentation, review, and improvement of energy operations through NO-COST OR LOW-COST SAVINGS OPPORTUNITIES (repair, adjustment, control) that match building performance to current functional requirements. Retro-commissioning offers guidance and analysis to improve the energy performance of your building by FOCUSING PRIMARILY ON HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems).  In addition to saving energy, RCx recommendations can contribute to longer equipment life, lower maintenance costs, and fewer comfort complaints

RCx establishes a collaborative partnership between building stakeholders and the RCx provider for investigation and optimization of building operations.  RCx service providers work collaboratively with building staff and contractors to determine measures for correct and efficient energy systems operation. Through trend data analysis and functional testing, equipment faults and optimization opportunities are identified.


The RCx provider conducts a facility assessment to diagnose problems and make recommendations for minor low-cost adjustments that can be made quickly, as well as recommendations for more substantial improvements. An assessment of cost, savings, and payback is part of the process. The RCx provider will then work with the customer’s implementation team to fully investigate, implement, and verify the recommended measures.

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