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Energy saving technologies and strategies

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

To address the challenges of rising gas prices, climate change, and dwindling fossil fuel resources, policymakers point to electrification as […]

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Domestic Hot Water Recirculation

Can Domestic Hot Water Recirculation Systems Conserve Energy? The US Department of Energy estimates that more than 400 billion gallons […]

Cleaning Condensing Units

What is a condensing unit? In a split air conditioning system, refrigerant passes through two separate units: a compressor and […]

Boilers Tech Note

Is it time for your older inefficient boiler to be replaced with a high-efficiency condensing boiler? High-efficiency boilers can be […]

Financing: Energy Savings Performance Contracting

Energy savings performance contracting helps facilities address the #1 barrier to energy efficiency: capital availability. SEDAC has helped over 2,200 […]

Operations and Maintenance Energy Savings

When people think of saving energy, they often think of replacing old systems with more efficient ones. But significant energy […]


The hidden costs of reheating

Have you noticed that your boiler is working harder than it needs to, especially on hot muggy summer days? If […]

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Reducing energy costs through retro-commissioning Is your operations and maintenance budget tight? Are you constantly fielding comfort complaints and fighting […]

HVAC Ductwork

Energy efficiency discussions often focus on the heating and cooling equipment; the air distribution system (the HVAC ductwork) is rarely […]

HVAC equipment

Energy Tune Up

Give your building an energy tune-up! SEDAC encourages periodic maintenance to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. Some maintenance measures […]

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting makes our streets safe for travel and supports commerce, socializing, night activities, and work tasks. Recent improvements in […]

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Planning for Energy Efficiency

Any organization—small business, local township, international corporation, large state—reaps benefits from planning for energy efficiency. Thinking strategically about energy use […]

Developing solar: Helpful tips

Consider the idea of a power generation system that produces no emissions or noise, is modular, can be tied into […]

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Air Barriers

Reducing uncontrolled air leakage through the building envelope is one of the most cost-effective energy efficiency strategies—for both new and […]

Roof construction

New Construction Building Envelope

A high performance envelope (exterior shell) is only achievable in a cost-effective way during the original design and construction process. The […]