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It's easy to assume that RCx is a strictly technical exercise, optimizing the energy performance of the built environment. But occupants, operators, staff and administrators introduce human error and variability. How are people part of the energy system, and how can they be part of the solution? What are the human challenges to achieving savings through RCx?

What we did: We reflected on our field experiences to come up with a list of challenges and a series of recommendations to address this human component.

Human challenges to RCx efforts: 

  • Building stakeholders may have competing motivations for their actions
  • They operate with incomplete information
  • They communicate less than perfectly
  • They do not have routine procedures in place to retain savings.

Recommendations to address the human component of RCx:

  • Establish a broad spectrum team
  • Discuss objectives and priorities
  • Build relationships
  • Facilitate communications
  • Assist with establishing new behaviors

Westervelt, E. (2014, 19-21 May). The Human Side of Retro-Commissioning. Paper presented at the National Conference on Building Commissioning.