Wastewater Treatment Plant image

Most energy assessments identify energy efficiency measures to save facilities between 10% and 30% on annual energy costs. Sometimes the savings opportunities are much more significant.

In 2018, Village of Annawan Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Mark Crosby reached out to SEDAC to participate in the Illinois EPA Wastewater Treatment Plant Assessment Program. The goal was to find ways to save money on energy bills for this village of just under 1,000 residents. SEDAC recommended a package of two energy-saving measures: fine bubble aeration with blower controls, and downsizing the blowers. These measures were predicted to reduce electricity use by 66%, an energy savings of $9,600 per year for the Village of Annawan.

Mr. Crosby applied for funding from the Illinois EPA to implement SEDAC’s recommended measures. In the fall of 2019, they received a $130,000 grant to cover most of the project costs, and they implemented the measures in December.

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