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SEDAC is committed to continuing to help our customers save energy and money, even when social distancing requirements make it challenging. In order to help clients reduce operating costs in this time of great economic uncertainty, SEDAC is offering virtual/remote energy assessments.

Virtual energy assessments allow us to communicate with our clients face to face and "walk through" a facility virtually. We have found that these methods allow us to get the information we need to understand the facility's energy systems and create a high quality report with prioritized and cost-effective recommendations.

SEDAC recently completed a remote assessment for a wastewater treatment plant in Moline, IL which involved the following:

  1. Video conference call to discuss objectives and get an overview of the plant
  2. Review of utility and interval data for benchmarking and energy usage analysis
  3. Detailed review of existing building and process systems to identify potential conservation measures
  4. Video walkthrough on phone with plant operator to view treatment process and equipment
  5. Submission by operators of supplemental data, including equipment run times and process loads, for further analysis

Most so-called virtual energy audits in past years have focused on using software that analyzes utility bills and interval data to identify potential problem areas and solutions. Some virtual audits also require building managers or operators to complete a detailed survey to provide information about the facility.  Although these types of virtual energy audits typically cost significantly less, they have some limitations. First, the surveys that the operators complete may not be accurate or complete, and there is no way to verify the accuracy of the survey responses through a site walk through. Second, some argue that virtual energy audit software misses key information, and that there is "no substitute for being on-site and verifying the actual operating conditions of a building."

SEDAC's virtual energy assessments seek to address these limitations. We combine detailed utility bill and interval data analysis with a video conference call with the building operator and a virtual site walkthrough to get a sense for the actual operating conditions of the building so that we can fine tune our recommendations to your facility's unique needs.

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