Energy efficiency opportunities for specific facility types

Wastewater treatment plant

Energy Smart Tips for Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater treatment plants can benefit from many of the same strategies that make other buildings more efficient, but this smart […]


This Smart Tip highlights SEDAC’s most commonly recommended energy cost reduction measures for libraries. Libraries model sustainability by providing shared […]


Many schools are less efficient than they could be. SEDAC has analyzed the energy usage of many schools in Illinois […]

Ice Arenas

Ice arenas are large energy users, but there are often ample opportunities for energy cost savings.  Energy cost reduction measures […]

Places of Worship

Congregations who are determined to be good stewards of the earth can set a constructive example by adopting smart energy […]

Chicago skyline


Consider the effect on the bottom line of saving a third of a building’s utility costs. Most buildings use 10% […]

Pool tiles


Swimming pools and spas have become standard features in many facilities, but they can be large energy users.  Thankfully there […]

Produce aisle


In today’s economy, consumers are looking beyond the products they buy when striving to be green - they want a […]



In the United States, restaurants spend an average of $3.77 per square foot on electricity and $1.57 per square foot […]

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores often have very high annual energy costs, ranging from $6 to $14 per square foot. In comparison, a commercial […]