SEDAC, the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center, is an applied research program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a public-private partnership with 360 Energy Group in Chicago. 


Our mission is to decrease the energy footprint of the State of Illinois and beyond.

Our goals

Reduce the cost of doing business through energy efficiency projects
Expand consumer awareness of the benefits of energy efficiency and renewables
Grow and diversify the clean energy workforce, especially in underserved communities
Foster a more equitable energy landscape by improving access to energy efficiency services
Train a new generation of design professionals to become leaders in energy efficiency worldwide
Help communities become more sustainable and resilient through climate action planning

Our expertise

Energy assessment site visit

Technical Assistance

The foundation for strong client relationships

SEDAC's technical expertise is a highly valued resource. SEDAC has provided over 2,700 energy assessments since 2004. Clients have included large metropolitan museums, airports, grocery chains, and hundreds of businesses and public sector entities.

SEDAC's technical assistance is tailored to our clients' needs and our sponsors' program goals. Through phone calls, emails, face-to-face consultations, and written reports, we provide recommendations that are adoptable, effective and affordable.

Marketing and Outreach

Bringing programs to life

SEDAC's marketing team brings clean energy programs to life. Since 2004, SEDAC has marketed energy efficiency to private and public sector clients, engaging with thousands of customers across Illinois. We drive program growth through market research, lead nurturing, and public engagement campaigns.

SEDAC partners with utilities and state and national agencies to market clean energy programs across Illinois.  From promotional campaigns to trade shows, our innovative team helps our partners meet and exceed their program goals.

SEDAC outreach event

Education and training

Growing the clean energy workforce

SEDAC believes in the transformative power of education. Through our training programs, we inspire people to become more sustainable and train the next generation of clean energy workers.  Many of our staff are experienced educators.

We educate clients and building managers about ways to make their buildings more energy efficient. We educate building professionals about new technologies and practices. We train University of Illinois students through our internships and courses.


Data-driven actions

An applied research program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, SEDAC draws from the expertise of University of Illinois faculty, staff, and students to conduct applied research on clean energy topics.

Research is conducted in close consultation with community partners. We use quantitative and qualitative methods to answer pressing questions about technologies and market strategies.

Architects reviewing design plans
Staff meeting

Program development

Building programs that work

SEDAC has over a decade of experience developing and executing clean energy programs in coordination with utilities, government agencies, and other organizations. Since 2004, SEDAC has worked with utilities and government agencies to develop and implement many cost-effective programs that provide verified energy savings.

SEDAC's energy efficiency programs have generated over 2,700 projects from a wide range of clients, including large metropolitan museums, airports, grocery chains, and hundreds of businesses and public sector entities. We engage with stakeholders to assess needs and reach underserved communities.