The Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC), in partnership with the Illinois EPA Office of Energy, provides training to increase awareness of the Illinois Energy Conservation Code and to improve the energy efficiency of new construction and renovation in Illinois.

SEDAC offers workshops, webinars, online training, resources, and technical support. Our training program serves community code officials, construction professionals and trades, and design professionals such as architects and engineers in Illinois.

Funding provided in whole or in part by the Illinois EPA Office of Energy.

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Updated Illinois Energy Conservation Code (2021 IECC with IL Amendments) - Latest Update

The latest information available from the Capital Development Board is that the 2021 Illinois Energy Conservation Code will become effective as early as October 17th, 2023 if JCAR approves the rule without editorial changes requiring CDB to make revisions. Depending on where designers/builders are in the design process and when they plan to apply for a permit it may be prudent to design in compliance with the 2021 IECC. Any projects applying for permit on or after the effective date of adoption must comply with the new code.


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What people are saying about our training & technical support

"Thank you. This is a gold mine of energy code info."

Robert, Mechanical Engineer

"The presentation was excellent--thorough and directly useful."

Jack, Architect

"This was probably one of the most successful seminars we've had. I got a lot of good feedback from it."

Harold, Plumbing Inspector

"Thank you! The SEDAC programs are really informative, and a good balance of practical information and code references. Keep up the good work!"

Eric, Engineer

"Thanks for doing this. This is the only resource I have access to learn about energy codes." 


"Thank you for sending me the certificate and reporting these credits to AIA and ICC. I am signed up for six training sessions total with SEDAC over the next few months."

Daniel, Code Official

"Thank you! That's the most clear explanation I've gotten on this topic. It's greatly appreciated!"

Brett, Energy Modeler

"Thank you so much for your clear response. I have been wondering about this for quite some time. I'm going to print this out and insert it in my energy code book." 

David, Code Official

"I think the team has done a good job of taking a boring subject for most architects and making it interesting and easy to understand. The visuals have always been interesting."