SEDAC provides climate action planning services for large and small organizations. We help agencies and organizations identify their goals, where they are now, and how they will achieve their goals. We do a thorough inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, exploring emissions from buildings, transportation, land use, water, waste, and more. We project emissions into the future and then develop strategies to help reduce these emissions to reach targets.

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IGEN Net Zero Collaborative

Find out about SEDAC's new climate action planning program for community colleges in Illinois, in collaboration with the Illinois Green Economy Network (IGEN).

Collecting data for emissions inventory

Image source: University of Illinois 2015 Climate Action Plan Collecting data for emissions inventory Once your college has established parameters […]

Emissions inventory basics

Image source: Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Creating an accurate baseline inventory is key to developing a Net Zero Plan. It's […]

Creating a Climate Action Team

A Net Zero Planning process will be more successful if it is supported by strong leadership and involves collaboration throughout […]

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