Energy Efficiency Basics

Apartment building

No/Low Cost Measures

Want to become more energy efficient but don't have the funds for a major project? Check out these no/low cost […]

University of Illinois building

Top 10 Recommendations for New Construction

Are you building a new facility? Forethought and planning for energy savings will save you money year after year while […]

Foellinger Auditorium

Top 10 Recommendations for Existing Buildings

Existing building stock represents an immense opportunity to save energy! Read our top 10 tips to save energy and money. […]

Energy Concepts & Terms

This page includes a quick orientation to common energy concepts and terms. Power = Energy/Time Power is Energy per unit […]

Case Studies

Energy savings success stories. Read more. 

Scoreboard showing plant's education production and use.

Downers Grove Net Zero Wastewater Treatment with Bio-gas

Innovative leadership and collaboration with the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation has allowed the Downers Grove Sanitary District WWTP to become a net-zero energy plant. Read how the district has reduced costs and increased resiliency by running their plant with bio-gas produced on site.

Image of pool cover

John A. Logan College Pool Cover Case Study

John A. Logan College (JALC) has a history of implementing energy efficiency improvements to reduce energy costs and to demonstrate […]

Heartland college campus

Heartland Community College Net Zero Plan

Heartland Community College has an impressive sustainability record. Their accomplishments include the installation of a 1.65 MW wind turbine, geothermal […]

Wastewater Treatment Plant image

Caseyville Wastewater Treatment Plant Case Study

Recently, the Caseyville Township Water Reclamation Facility received a free facility assessment from Illinois EPA's Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Assessment […]

Tech Notes

Energy saving technologies and strategies. Read more.

Electric Lawn Mowers

It’s a great time to electrify your lawnmower! With high gasoline prices, it is practical to investigate the benefits of […]

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

To address the challenges of rising gas prices, climate change, and dwindling fossil fuel resources, policymakers point to electrification as […]

hot water circulator

Domestic Hot Water Recirculation

Can Domestic Hot Water Recirculation Systems Conserve Energy? The US Department of Energy estimates that more than 400 billion gallons […]

Cleaning Condensing Units

What is a condensing unit? In a split air conditioning system, refrigerant passes through two separate units: a compressor and […]

Facility Smart Tips

Energy efficiency opportunities for specific facility types. Read more. 

Wastewater treatment plant

Energy Smart Tips for Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater treatment plants can benefit from many of the same strategies that make other buildings more efficient, but this smart […]


This Smart Tip highlights SEDAC’s most commonly recommended energy cost reduction measures for libraries. Libraries model sustainability by providing shared […]


Many schools are less efficient than they could be. SEDAC has analyzed the energy usage of many schools in Illinois […]

Ice Arenas

Ice arenas are large energy users, but there are often ample opportunities for energy cost savings.  Energy cost reduction measures […]