The Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) is an applied research program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, housed in the Department of Landscape Architecture. SEDAC is a public-private partnership that operates in collaboration with the 360 Energy Group.

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Our mission

SEDAC's mission is to reduce the energy footprint of the State of Illinois and beyond. We support the University of Illinois mission to enhance the lives of citizens in Illinois through learning, discovery, engagement, and economic development. 

SEDAC mission

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

At SEDAC, we work hard to create an environment where people from diverse backgrounds are respected, supported, and heard. We learn from our differences and rely on each other to grow and change. By embracing diversity, we are better prepared to help create a more equitable energy landscape.

We are committed to increasing access to energy efficiency services and jobs among underserved populations, and to identifying and addressing bias in the work we do. 

Our impact

Since 2004, SEDAC has provided technical assistance and education to help Illinois businesses and communities save energy and reduce operating costs. 

SEDAC impact

What we do

SEDAC provides effective energy efficiency strategies for buildings and communities through a variety of services. 



  1. Reduce the cost of doing business for Illinois entities through energy efficiency technical assistance projects.  
  2. Expand consumer awareness of the economic, social, and environmental benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  3. Foster a more equitable energy landscape by improving access to energy efficiency services in low-income communities. 
  4. Support job creation by providing opportunities to research, learn, and practice innovative techniques to reduce energy use.
  5. Train a new generation of design professionals to become leaders in energy efficiency and clean energy industries worldwide.