About the Tool

This tool was created to facilitate decision making regarding solar development on IDOT properties. The tool addresses the technical and financial feasibility of utilizing solar panels at any IDOT property. In addition to assessing the suitability of each site for solar (based on site conditions and administrative constraints), the tool also proposes a solar array size to meet electrical consumption at the site, and estimates the cost of this solar array.

The tool has four maps with locations of 1) Office and Maintenance Yards, 2) Rest Areas and Welcome Centers, 3) Interchanges, and 4) Open Lands. A combined "IDOT Facilities" map shows the locations of all facilities.

How to use the tool

  1. Click on one of the four maps or the Combined IDOT Sites map.
  2. Zoom in to view a particular location or IDOT district, or enter the address of a site using the Search Map button (top left magnifying glass)
  3. Click on the individual dots to learn more about each site.
  4. Using the "feedback" button (coming soon), provide any additional information you are aware of about the site that may influence solar suitability. Types of information to add include presence of trees, playgrounds, condition of building roof, administrative concerns, traffic concerns.
  5. Provide overall feedback on the tool by contacting Ryan Siegel at  rwsiegel@illinois.edu