The presentations in our modules are meant to be shared in class or through an online lecture. We've kept slides simple to not overwhelm students, and have included instructor notes in the PowerPoint version of the presentation. Embedded in presentations are examples, discussion prompts, and even videos to keep things interesting and engaging.

The pdf versions of each presentation can be shared with students as a review, or to provide a brief overview of a topic. Keep in mind that the pdfs do not include lecture notes and are not intended to stand alone, without instructor explanation. However, we encourage instructors to share the presentations with students to reinforce learning.

We know you likely already have lesson plans and material to cover. Our presentations are designed to be easily integrated into existing lesson plans. In each module, there are 3-4 subtopics, each with a separate presentation which is designed to last about 10-20 minutes. Feel free to pick and choose which subtopics are most relevant for your lesson plan. Of course, you are welcome to teach the subtopics together, using our combined presentation, if you choose.

Check out a few example presentations below.