Introduction to Energy Code


  • Describe what the energy code is and list professionals who apply and enforce building codes.

Learn:  Intro to Energy Code

Practice: Implementing an energy code class activity

What is the purpose of energy codes and standards?


  • Explain the purpose of energy codes and standards.
  • Identify the key elements of energy codes and standards related to building science

Learn: Purpose of Energy Code Slideshow

Practice: Discussing Energy Codes with Clients

What energy codes and standards does your state use?


  • Identify which energy codes or standards are used in different states or municipalities.

Learn:  State Codes and Standards Slideshow

Practice: State Energy Code Exercise

How do you navigate the energy codes?


  • Identify key elements of the energy code
  • Understand how to use the code to look up different requirements

Learn: Navigating Energy Codes Slideshow

Practice: Navigating Energy Codes Exercise