Architects reviewing design plans

How is the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the work that code officials do? Will the pandemic impact compliance with the Energy Code?

A survey conducted in March 2020 by the International Code Council sheds some light on this question. The ICC "surveyed building and fire departments to find out how code officials are coping with the professional challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic." 1,158 participants from throughout the United States responded. The infographic to the right, published by the ICC, captures the main findings of the survey.

Of particular interest is the finding that many code officials do not have the capability to do electronic/remote plan reviews, permits, or inspections.

Are you conducting electronic/remote plan review, permitting, or inspections? How are you making it work? What advice do you have for others? Share your ideas with us and we'll pass along your recommendations to others.

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Source: International Code Council. Building Safety and COVID-19