Energy Assessment Program

The Illinois EPA Office of Energy has teamed up with SEDAC and the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) to help local municipalities reduce the cost of treating water and wastewater.

SEDAC and ISTC provide no-cost energy usage assessments to publicly-owned water and wastewater treatment systems across Illinois. Assessment reports break down recommendations for energy efficiency improvements at each facility, including information such as estimated project costs, simply payback periods, funding opportunities, and the resulting energy and monetary savings.

Wastewater treatment plant


To qualify for an assessment, a public water or wastewater system must:

  1. Be located in Illinois and owned by the State of Illinois or an Illinois unit of local government
  2. Allow SEDAC and/or ISTC access to the treatment facility
  3. Be willing to share facility information with SEDAC and Illinois EPA
  4. Share the final assessment report with the Illinois EPA

Get Started

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Assessed Facilities Map

Kincaid Wastewater Treatment Plant

Collinsville Wastewater Treatment Plant


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